Collections with Artificial Intelligence: Transform your recovery strategy

Automate your collection processes, monitor the results of your campaigns and obtain valuable insights with the tools of SmartIA Power Hub, the collection suite with Artificial Intelligence.

Maximize your collection processes with SmartIA Power Hub

We transform your collections with the power of technology. We provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals and make your campaigns more efficient.

Automate your collection processes at all stages.

Get recommendations with our powerful cognitive system

Monitor all your collection channels, from internal and external sources

Achieves faster and more efficient recovery

View results in real time


We increased our clients' recovery rates by more than 10%.


We reduced operating costs by more than 40%.

We drive more than 60 million transactions per month

We manage campaigns with portfolios of more than 300 thousand debtors.

We were able to execute more than 800 thousand collection actions in a single campaign.

We execute more than 300 monthly campaigns simultaneously.

The suite of solutions adapted to every need of the collection areas

SmartIA Power Hub by Digevo is a suite of 3 important AI tools that provide solutions to the different challenges that companies must meet.

We use Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and omnichannel to optimize collection actions, providing a boost to efficiency and productivity.

We provide customized dashboards to monitor and supervise in real time the performance of campaigns, either from your own databases or external sources, such as collection houses.

We develop personalized Artificial Intelligence models adapted to your business, which enhance the achievement of your objectives.

They have relied on SmartIA Power Hub by Digevo tools.

Our north star is to create disruptive technologies that drive the competitiveness and success of the customers who have trusted us, offering our collection solutions with Artificial Intelligence.

Our success stories

We have helped several industries to increase their collection recoveries thanks to our Artificial Intelligence.

Telco Operator

Manage your debt portfolio and stay informed throughout the process

Implement SmartIA Power Hub technologies in your company to increase the value of your business. Request a demo with our team and humanize your collection with the options we have for you.

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