Monitor and simplify your collection management

With SmartIA Monitor you can improve your collection management by having, through our customized dashboards, all the most relevant results and KPIs of your campaigns.

Successfully control your collections follow-up

In collections, multiple data sources are managed, so a correct visualization of the information, both from internal collections and external collection houses, is key for a correct performance of the campaigns.

With our platform you will be able to quickly centralize all portfolio data, payment dates and resolutions, among other key indicators.

Have at hand the results of your campaigns in real time and graphically for better tracking.

With SmartIA Monitor you can see in a single point your internal information and the sources of your external collection managers.

Having all your information in one place streamlines your decision making and increases your competitive advantage.

How SmartIA Monitor works

Control all your operations with intelligent dashboards and optimize your management with SmartIA Power Hub’s customizable module for collection tracking.


Understand and monitor where and in what condition your portfolio is.


Monitor the financial KPIs of your online business.


Visualize how your portfolio is being managed.


Control and monitor the operation of your portfolio.


Understand the performance of your process and its possible deviations.

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Do you need more help to transform your collections?

With SmartIA Power Hub we have more tools that increase your results and performance in all types of collection campaigns.

We use Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and omnichannel to optimize collection actions, providing a boost to efficiency and productivity.

We develop personalized Artificial Intelligence models adapted to your business, which enhance the achievement of your objectives.

Transform your collection strategies with its advanced generative Artificial Intelligence technology and conversation analysis. Make the most of every interaction to maximize your results.