Automate your management with the smart collection platform

SmartIA Pulse is the innovative collection platform with Artificial Intelligence. Manage your portfolio,
automate and boost the efficiency of your campaigns to charge more and better.

Uses advanced algorithms for outstanding results

Through SmartIA Pulse get predictive analytics Are you ready to leave traditional methods behind and embrace the future of collections with Artificial Intelligence?

We use Artificial Intelligence to predict payment behaviors, allowing you to make informed and strategic decisions.

Forget about repetitive tasks. Our platform automates key processes, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Simplify the management of your customer portfolio and reduce operating costs.

We optimize your collection campaigns to increase effectiveness and maximize your revenues.

How SmartIA Pulse works

This SmartIA Power Hub module is a collection platform that implements Artificial Intelligence to effectively direct the strategies and actions of your campaigns.


Our dashboard has the ability to automate your campaigns and monitor them in real time.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence algorithms optimize each collection process to progressively scale results.


We provide you with all the necessary communication channels for the operation of your business and to achieve an effective contact.

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Do you need more help to transform your collections?

With SmartIA Power Hub we have more tools that increase your results and performance in all types of collection campaigns.

We provide customized dashboards to monitor and supervise in real time the performance of campaigns, either from your own databases or external sources, such as collection houses.

We develop customized Artificial Intelligence models to meet the specific objectives of your business.