Do you need to achieve an active collection management?

At SmartIA Power Hub we are experts in the development of solutions that allow you to achieve an active collection management. For more information or to request a quote for our services, our consultants will be pleased to help you. Let’s talk! Let’s talk!

We bring digital collections throughout Latin America

Our consultants and specialists will provide you with the technological answers you need to achieve your business objectives and increase the value of your active collections management. We currently operate in the most important markets in the region:


Badajoz 45, 17th Floor.
Las Condes, Santiago de Chile


Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

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At Digevo we focus on solving challenges and finding opportunities with Artificial Intelligence.

Since 1997, we have grown along with the new technological trends and have consolidated more than 2,000 projects for clients in 14 countries.