Boost your collection strategies with SmartIA Power Hub

Discover a comprehensive suite designed to empower your collection strategies. From automated campaign management to predictive analytics, SmartIA Power Hub offers advanced solutions to optimize every step of the process.

We use Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and omnichannel to optimize collection actions, providing a boost to efficiency and productivity.

We provide customized dashboards to monitor and supervise in real time the performance of campaigns, either from your own databases or external sources, such as collection houses.

We develop personalized Artificial Intelligence models adapted to your business, which enhance the achievement of your objectives.

Transform your collection strategies with its advanced generative Artificial Intelligence technology and conversation analysis. Make the most of every interaction to maximize your results.

Transform your collections approach with SmartIA Power Hub

Discover how our industry-leading platform drives exceptional results through its innovative combination of automation, monitoring and recommendations. Optimize every aspect of your collections strategy for unparalleled performance.

Automation: Optimize your efficiency and results

Eliminate manual tasks with the powerful automation capabilities of our modules. From campaign management to resource allocation, optimize your processes and maximize your team’s productivity.

Monitoring: Total control in real time

Access a real-time view of your collections strategy. We provide you with advanced monitoring tools so you can track performance, identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions instantly.

Recommendations: Driving decision making with Predictive Intelligence

Leverage predictive intelligence to receive personalized recommendations. Optimize your collections tactics with advanced insights, ensuring that every decision is backed by accurate and actionable data.

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SmartIA Power Hub’s Artificial Intelligence solutions are used by companies all over Latin America to optimize their collection processes. Learn about their experiences through these testimonials.

In dual management (executive/Bot), the average payment time of operations has been improved by 9%.

Guillermo Monestel
Age Capital

SmartIA allowed us to serve a greater flow of clients and achieve greater contactability in the short term.

Agricultural Bank