We design the most complete collection system to achieve your goals.

We are a leading technology team. We are focused on creating a collection system with Artificial Intelligence that drives our clients’ results and helps them achieve a quick recovery.

SmartIA Power Hub is a Digevo product.

SmartIA Power Hub by Digevo was created with the objective of supporting companies to efficiently manage their portfolio at a lower cost and to humanize the collection process.

Thanks to this approach and the innovative application of Artificial Intelligence, we are pioneers in the use of new technologies to improve the relationship between collection departments and their users.

Juan Pablo Santelices

CEO / Co-Founder

Antonio Martinez


Andrés Díaz


Karl Kluttig


Vanessa Mora

Project Manager

Matias Pereira


Rigoberto Salgado

Full Stack Engineer

Walter Gomez



Roberto Musso

Director / Co-Founder

Rodolfo Soria-Galvarro

Director / Co-Founder

Alfonso Cadiz

Director / Co-Founder

At Digevo we focus on solving challenges and finding opportunities with Artificial Intelligence.

Since 1997, we have grown along with the new technological trends and have consolidated more than 2,000 projects for clients in 14 countries.

We operate in all Latin American countries

These are some of the markets we have reached with the SmartIA Power Hub suite, a complete collection system with global reach.

SmartIA Power Hub results speak for themselves

This collection system has the ability to improve the performance of your campaigns:


We have increased the recovery of one of our customers by up to +10%.


We lowered operating costs by more than 40%.

In one single collection campaign, we have executed more than 800 thousand shares.

Explore all solutions

The suite has three solutions, which help companies meet their various business objectives.

Automate campaigns and collection management with Artificial Intelligence to positively impact your recovery.

Monitor and control all operations, results and KPIs in real time in one place.

We develop customized Artificial Intelligence models to meet the specific objectives of your business.

Transform your collection strategies with its advanced generative Artificial Intelligence technology and conversation analysis.